This week: Why not treat chickenpox and shingles as an avoidable problem? Plus, I have a PhD now.
This week: Declines in cancer, the significance of hospitals, climate & religion, bird maps, gender pay gaps, intelligence & personality, the pyramids…
This week: The curve of death, eliminating HIV, the impact of cash donations, lemurs picking their nose, the spread of dumplings, trade, and some cool…
This week: A stream of new vaccines, deaths over the 20th century, how flu became milder, how children reduce crime, how to reduce stomach cancer, and…
This week: How to set the scene for a Zika virus vaccine. Plus a lot of new links and podcasts.
This week: Reflecting on my writing process. Plus: what to know about polio, monkeypox, sex ratios, detecting snakes, when kids learn words, and more.
This week: A dive into lactose intolerance.
This week: Cancers you can get vaccinated against, cancers that are infectious, prion diseases that aren't so rare, and more.
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